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Quincy, M.E.

Quincy, M.E. 1×4 : Hot Ice, Cold Hearts

A couple of cat burglars break into a Mexican museum and steal $4 million dollars worth of jewels. Sealing them in the floor of their boat they sail to California with the intention of fencing them there.

Once there one of their crew tries to steal the jewels but is caught. Alex, the main burglar, poisons him with the venom of a fish and dumps him into the harbor.

Unfortunately for him Quincy and Lee are nearby and are called to help the dying man. Quincy not only get there to help him but manages to save his life as well. He cannot at first work out what happened to the swimmer but is soon convinced that not all is what it seems.

  • IMDb: 7.5
  • Released: 1977-01-02
  • Season: 1
  • Country :




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